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Meat and Food for Christ
Georgia, USA

Feeding families since September 2020
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Our mission has not changed and it started over almost two years ago  to help eradicate hunger for veterans, seniors, and families in the greater Atlanta area.

This year 2022 brings higher food prices, more stress on family budgets, and higher demand for food.  Since 2020, we have doubled the average number of boxes given out during a food pantry event. This year's average is 220.

We need your financial help (any amount) to continue to make the pickups and deliveries to food pantries, prepared meal kitchens, group homes, community healing/rehab organizations, and free meal homeless food trucks. 


We celebrated our 1 year
anniversary September 21, 2021

September was our 1 year anniversary. We are blessed by GOD and many beautiful hearts to be able to distribute FREE FOOD through several churches and community based organizations. Thank you. 

Here are a few organizations that shared the blessing of God.  Tyson Foods, Sysco, and Pilgrims Pride we pray that God will continue to bless your company and employees.  We ask all donors, volunteers, and supporter to also support Tyson by buying Tyson Foods through your local food chain stores.

Hillcrest Church of Christ, Decatur, Georgia

Liberties Church of God (Rehab and Transitional Facility), Atlanta, Georgia

Centenary Community Ministries, Inc.

My Sisters Place

A Peaceful Place, Atlanta, GA

​Gwinnett Home of Hope, Buford, GA

Various small neighborhood based care leaders for the needy in their community.

To GOD be the glory

Ronald and Miriam


We all love the holidays.

Sharing with family and friends.

But, what happens after the holidays?

People go hungry again!

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"Until hunger in America is eradicated

this mission will continue."

Ronald and Miriam Royal

Hunger Statistics​

o      Nearly 1.51 million Georgians are living in poverty according to the latest US Census Bureau American Community Survey.

o    Georgia persons in poverty percentage is 13.3% according to the American Community Survey 1-Year Estimate.

o     629, 302 veterans live in Georgia according the American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.

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Working together we

make a difference. 

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